Twelve months of travel and sketching. My Facebook page has many more

New England, Norway, Berlin

Fort Pownall Lighthouse, MA

New England Sketches 2018

New England Sketches (2) 2018

Sketching in Norway

Norwegian Sketch

Berlin Sketch

A Christmas commission
"Alfie" (oils) He's gorgeous!

Alfie (oils)

The Beast from the East 2018
Prospect Hill (oils)
Prospect Hill (oils) SOLD

Summer 2018 - we've had some warm weather so a chance to get outside for some plein air painting - big brush small canvas

Plein Air 1

Sleningford Pasture (oils). £90 (8x6”)

Sleningford Pasture 2 (oil) £95 (10x8” approx)

Series of still life paintings with a one hour time limit - alla prima

Series of 1 hour oil studies II

I've been trying out large brushes on small boards, some about postcard size. The results show a looser style I think

Summer Glade, Wensleydale  (oils) £90 (8x6”)

Landscape 2

Wensleydale Hay Meadow (oils) £80  (7x5” approx)

Behind the 13th Tee - Richmond (oils) £90 (12x10” approx)

Bandit and Spider
Bandit and Spider (oils)